GBR is an Alaskan, family owned and operated business dedicated to providing the best oilfield services to the North Slope and beyond.

Our Story

In 1966, John Reynolds moved from the oilfields of West Texas to become a tool pusher for Reading and Bates in Alaska. From 1967 till 1973, John worked as a company man for BP. In 1973, along with Jim Gribbons and Jack Barr, John formed GBR Equipment. Mr. Gribbons passed away in 1976 and Mr. Barr eventually went to work for BP. However, John continued to grow the small company and in the early 1980s his sons, Billy and Bobby, joined him. John passed away in 1997, leaving Billy and Bobby to run the company along with their mother, Rita. Bobby passed away in 2013, and now the company is run by Billy Reynolds and James Wohlers.

GBR has grown from humble beginnings to become the premiere provider of oilfield services in Alaska. We continually strive for improvement in all areas in order to always deliver "Gold Standard" service to our customers.