GBR's primary focus is SAFETY

Gold Standard    

GBR is known on the Northern Slope and throughout Alaska by the Gold coloring we use for our casing equipment and tools. In everything we do, we strive to reach the Gold Standard of being best in class. Our Safety Gold Standard is broken down into three tiers: Health, Safety, and Environment. In order to achieve the Gold Standard in Safety, we continually update our safety objectives, review and amend our Corporate Safety Manual, and incorporate our employees in every aspect of the safety process.

We have received numerous accolades for Incident Free Operations and have created a culture where every employee is an active participant in ensuring safety and improving standards. GBR believes this proactive involvement of our employees coupled with consistent safety and task specific training is the backbone of our business. We also use stringent drug testing procedures and root-cause analysis to ensure our safety record remains superior.


Our employees are the key to our business, and their health and wellbeing are of the highest importance to us.


High safety standards reduce costs, improve morale, lessen turnover and increase productivity. However, for any safety measure to be successful, it must have the full support of management and all employees. To this measure, we have taken every step to create buy-in at all levels through communication, training, teamwork and consistency.


GBR is Alaskan owned and operated, and as proud Alaskans, we want to keep our great state beautiful for generations to come.